Robert Shalhoub - Robert M W Shalhoub ESQ A RIPP OFF

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You are one no good un experience lawyer, who tok 10's of thousand of dollar, and pushed my friend into a shity settlement

you are a coward and afraid to stand in a front of a judge and fight for your clients

After sucking their money from them, you push them for a settlement...who needs you, to give everything my friend could of done all by herself

You have no business practicing law

You should open a Lebanese restaurant or a retail store


kalb abnel kalb

Review about: Bad Legal Service.



No many people think this guy is a major toolbag

Bolton, Massachusetts, United States #1314533

Absolutely operates like a hired hit man.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States #1282289

Is it just me, or are all the negative comments clearly written by the same person? Same bad grammar, same exact comments and writing style in each. Someone must be practicing their trolling.

Santa Barbara, California, United States #954143

There are no loyal clients to any attorney's.Only the attorney's write these kinds of comments to cover themselves.

this person should also post at review on and as well as rip-off report. This is the only way the word can get out there to protect other people.

There is little to no accountability with lawyers, they are arrogant and they know the law better than clients so they will shut the general consumer down. They know exactly how to cover their tracks for malpractice actions and are very good at twisting things to blame it all on the client.

Sure some outcomes are not idea, however, for a client to feel the need to write a bad review is merit enough. The attorney should be addressing client needs and concerns to the satisfaction of the client that paid them $45K.

That's a lot of money and they need to be accountable and work with a client on a refund, addressing client needs, going back to court for a motion etc.And, lawers so many times let their own agenda get in the way, they think clients are *** not know sense it.

This attorney is awful

Santa Barbara, California, United States #954136

Attorney's like this do not care about clients.They get paid regardless of performance or the outcome so they don't have to care.

And, any client that complains is just viewed as a pain and they dismiss it. Getting a client's money is part of their business model, they pitch you and then suck your money and lead you on. And, then stick you with a bill. Here are the steps you can look at:


Do the hours he put in match the value - it doesn't take long to do certain things and many attorney's overbill. I had an attorney bill me for reading emals that ended up in his spam box 3 months later, no value to me but billed me anyway.

2. Double billing


You can file for a fee arbitration but you need to be buttoned up and have the details without emotion.

4. Report him to the Bar with a complaint, the documents, outcome. Was he late to court? Did he complete all documents he needed to?

Did he over-charge hours, did he return your file when you sub-ed to a new attorney - by law he must do that so you can see all the work product.If he doesn't it's against the ethic rules

Destin, Florida, United States #709292

He was in a rush to get out of court on Friday almost 5 pm

I was not sure that I wanted to sign this idiotic agreement

He pressured me I was broken and in tears

He took about $45,000 from me. I could of done the same mistake on my own

Through entire meeting all he was doing is flirting with me commenting on my shoes and looking at my legs

He is a perv and a law life beside a bad lawyer

Lake Worth, Florida, United States #709126

As an impartial court reporter who has no dog in any of these fights and who has worked in the Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties, dealing with attorneys on a daily basis for the last 10 years, I see Mr.Shalhoub in depositions, hearings, and trials.

He is honest, dedicated to his clients, and a true professional. He is board certified, has tons of awards, donates his time to the community, has been named top lawyer by his peers, by Martindale Hubbel; the list goes on. It is unfortunate that this same person who has posted negative remarks several times had a bad experience, but Mr. Shalhoub has to operate within the confines of the law, based on the rulings the judge makes, and also looking at the full picture to see what can be won for his clients.

I recommend him to the people I care about because I think he is the best divorce attorney in South Florida.

Miami, Florida, United States #702205

Shalhoub is just like 99% of the attorneys out there.All he cares about is his billable hours.

Nothing matters more than to him than generating revenue for himself. If you think he can help you - he probably can't - and that's going to cost you at least $50,000 to find out. The good comments listed here must be from his staff. This lawyer cannot get you more than your spouse is willing to give.

But he wants you to pay him to find that out.

I say ask him for him to get paid when you get paid.I bet you will never hear from him again.


Mr.Shalhoub and his staff helped me through one of the roughest times of my life.

I sent them a personal thank you and told them without their attention and assistance to me and my case I could not have made it. Thank you for all your dedicated hours and knowledgeable advise in providing me with everything I could have imagined.

You were well worth every cent spent in having you represent me.THANK YOU!!!


who doesnt want to win

Robert M W Shalhoub was just as the x husband

blind and selfish,and urged her into sign an agreement that gave all to a drunk dead beat father and wife and child abuser

you can write all you want,my friend spent over 25,000 to Robert M W Shalhoub to get an agreement that could of been signed first day of divorce

My friend is paying dearly for choosing a lawyer that she never did a research on

he is a perv and useless


It is unfortunate that the above clients had a bad experience.I know it must be extremely difficult in dealing with divorce from a spouse for whatever reasons.

Having said that, I have to oppose the comments regarding that Mr. Shalhoub being a bad lawyer. Mr. Shalhoub is one of the most dedicated, loyal, and hardest working lawyers I know.

He puts everything he has in his cases regardless of how difficult they may be. His tireless efforts along with his charity work and pro bono cases go beyond anyone I know. He is dedicated to his family, friends, community, and profession. Mr.

Shalhoub has a hugh heart and I know if your case did not go the way it should have, it will bother him alot more than you. My best regards to your future. I hope for the best.

Mr.Shalhoub is the kind of lawyer you will want if you desire the chance to win.

to Loyal Client #1117709

He is a dog


I also had bad experience with this low life lawyer

to my case.

he seems to be more interested in looking at my legs in the office visits then pay attention to my case

I have lost my case,and as a woman it is odd because i was married to a loser,that walked away winning

Shalhoub you are a PER anVd not a lAWYER

Time to go back to Lebanon,you have no business in the legal system in USA


to shalhoub ***py lawyer Atlanta, Georgia, United States #1117588

It's so sad to see a man who represents family to suck the life out of them while looking up woman's skirts and legs. He's gross guy who smells like cumin.

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